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December 3, 2012

The Wall Ye Robot

Posted on December 3, 2012 at 1:00 am.

The Wall Ye Robot is it probably the first
robot tobe develop help the wine industry.
Robots - Versatile robots still in developmental process and test-driving before they can be fully utilized to help humans do daily tasks. But currently, robots with perform specific functions and gets to help humans work have available so expected that robot cn help humans. The Wall Ye is one of robot which can do humans work.

The Wall Ye is probably the first robot to be developed to help the wine industry. This unique robot is designed to help wine markers and vineyard owners to prune vines. It may be a good replacement for manual labor in the vineyards. But it can do

The Wall Ye Robot also has the function of taking valuable data regarding the plants and the soil using its 6 built-in camera and records. This unique robot also comes with its own GPS and gyroscope for location awareness so that it does not stray off to place where it shouldn't be in, like a neighboring vineyard perhaps. This robot creator is Chistophe Millot and he will be conducting demonstration of what the Wall Ye robot can do for a number of vineyard owners France. The service that Wall Ye can provide comes at a steep price-it may cost $32,000 to own this robot.

Image Source: Wall-Ye

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